Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Finance

El-Bouniane's real estate inventory consists of seventeen properties covering a total area of ​​approximately twenty thousand square meters, the largest part of which is located in the governorate of Tunis.


El-Bouniane Company currently operates a significant portion of these rental properties.

A significant portion of the company's inventory remains in strategically located real estate, ownership of which has been transferred to the company's inventory in accordance with the sales contracts entered into pursuant to the real estate settlement provisions issued to its profit.

. The properties are considered in view of their privileged location and the large area they cover, which amounts to approximately 8,500 m2, and in view of their employability in various fields: residential, administrative, commercial, and services, and depending on the different urban conditions applied in the region, they can be the ground for an urban division project designed to accommodate several buildings for multiple sectors with various modern technical and architectural standards aimed to help create new investment horizons for the company and achieve significant financial income, whether by sale, rental or direct operation.