Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Finance

At th end of 2020, El-Bouniane's portfolio consisted of 69 contributions, including direct contributions, which are sold by El-Bouniane, and indirect contributions sold on behalf of the Tunisian state.

El-Bounian's contribution portfolio is classified into two categories: local and foreign contributions.

Local contributions are distributed according to the status of the companies as follows:

- Operative Companies: Made up of 39 contributions divided between the financial, industrial, and services sectors.

Breakdown of the contribution portfolio according to the status of the companies:

Number Company ranking number of companies
local contributions: 62
1 Operative companies 39
2 Insolvent companies 1
3 Companies in liquidation 15
4 Companies facing lawsuits 3
5 Companies in settling process 4
foreign contributions 7
Total 69
Company EL BOUNIANE ensures the follow-up:
  • Meetings of the boards of directors and general meetings of the companies that make up the equity portfolio.
  • The securities portfolio managed by a venture capital company.